About me

My name is Dana, and I live in Miami, FL. I'm a designer, front-end developer, and former founder of Aurous Group.

I have over 15 years of experience in design, and I started front-end development not long later to simplify the process for clients; in most cases, they don't have to hire anyone else to get a website done unless it requires a custom back-end development.

I believe that designers should understand the concept of the back-end development process to smoothen the project process.


I specialize in design for:

  • Websites & webapps
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • UX/UI thinking, prototyping, A/B testing
  • Logo & brand identity
  • Interface design by easing user usability and making the interface pleasant for users to view and interact
  • Desktop apps
  • Miscellaneous design (banners, advertisements, spec design for a page on Steam, etcetera)

I stay updated on the latest design and technology by reading newsletters, articles, design-related sites, inspirations, and other materials.

My software program is Figma for web design, app design, and other work; Adobe Illustrator for logos, brand identity, and icons; InDesign for PDFs and presentations.

Front-end development

I write HTML5, CSS3 & some JS/jQuery (libraries) with SCSS preprocessor. I use Twitter Bootstrap as the base CSS framework for most projects.

I also build themes for WordPress, set them up, and create an eCommerce site with Woocommerce, quiz page, or any plugins WordPress offers without back-end developers' help. I dabble in PHP if they need any editing. WordPress is helpful for clients who want to continually update the site, post news or blogs, or own a shopping site.

I use npm+gulp for automatic workflow and git for version control and backups. I continually optimize my setup to maximize workflow, save client costs, and deliver the best result possible.

High-end clients

I work and maintain remotely for several long-term clients with their more significant projects while taking on new projects sometimes here and there. I work with Delta Airlines, Millers Brewing Company, Microsoft, Yahoo! University of Houston, Payday A/S, and other corporations. I also worked on a few open-source projects which have gone viral online.

My contributions to the community

I contribute to the community by writing tutorials and uploading respositories on GitHub to better help people in need. Here is one some of the gulp tutorials I've written "How to start using Gulp in minutes " for developers who want to start using Gulp and I made a kit "SCSS Bootstrap starter kit" for beginners and advanced users who want a base framework on which to start their new projects. I've tutored and trained students in web design and front-end development.

To learn more about me, you can follow me on Dribbble and Twitter. Feel free to ask me questions by email: dana@dmxt.org.